Lets face it. You have many choices when it comes to excavation companies. But what sets Hydro-X apart is our X factor the extraordinary professionalism our entire crew puts forth on every single job. We may not be cheaper on paper, but our experience and extraordinary work ethic saves you time and headaches on the work site. You get more production hours and you dont have to pay for downtime.

WELL-MAINTAINED FLEET: Our fleet is clean, well-maintained and shows up prepared to do the job it was called for, avoiding costly delays that slow production. Have you had a company show up to find out their water pumps are not working or that there is a hole in the vacuum tubes? That will never happen with Hydro-X.

EXPERIENCED UNION OPERATORS: All employees are full-time, year-round, trained union operators -- no temps! Our extremely low turn-over in staff means you are working with seasoned pros who have been cross-trained in all aspects of hydro excavation and traditional excavation.

TRAINING THAT MEETS AND EXCEEDS INDUSTRY STANDARDS: A fleet is nothing without an educated crew to back
it up, and Hydro-X believes in rigorous, ongoing training. All our operators are trained through HAZWOPER as required by
29CFR1910.120, in addition to our own training programs.

EXTREMELY HIGH JOB SITE STANDARDS: When at your site, we pride ourselves in being organized and clean. We are  particularly good at high-profile jobs where professionalism is expected. When we leave, the job site looks better than when we showed up. Ask any of our current clients we have a reputation for professionalism, from start to finish.

RESPONSIBLE PRICING: Our bids comprehend the best solution for the most responsible price. We wont low-ball a bid and then short-change the service you receive.

A FAIR DAY'S WORK: We show up on time and ready-to-work with clean, well-maintained trucks. You get more production hours and you dont have to pay for downtime. We show up guaranteed ready to work.